Sunday, September 13, 2009

Football Season is HERE!!!!
Shawn's old co-workers gave him 2 tickets to a pre-season Cardinals game. They were great tickets and although the Cards lost Shawn and I had a blast. Thanks for the tickets you guys!

Here is what my future Sunday nights are going to look like. Oh how I love/hate football season. Right after dinner was done the boys went back to watching football. Kellen still has his football jersey on but Blake got a little dirty eating dinner.
The Injury
So I was making dinner on Labor Day and the boys were in the room playing. All of the sudden Shawn and I hear a blood curdling cry form Blake. Shawn runs in there and finds Blake with this injury. We think Kellen hit him with a book. I was so worried and mad I didn't know what to do. After we got Blake settled down we decided to watch the swelling and make sure it didn't spread to his eye.
These are our bruised boys. If you notice Kellen has a healing black eye from jumping off his bed and landing on the arm of his chair. What can I say, my life is never boring with these two.

Here is want Blake looked like the next morning.

Like Father, like Sons?
Kellen and Blake love playing with their doctor kit. They other day they played "Doctor" back and forth for about an hour before nap time. Then as soon as they got up they started again. I just had to take a picture.
First Day of Medical School
Shawn just before he left for his first day of medical school. He was both nervous and excited.
Kellen wanted in on the picture too.
Gone Fishing

This summer we went to the Mecham Ruinion. While there Shawn took Kellen fishing for the first time. Kellen was so excited to go fishing with his Lightning McQueen fishing pole. I think Shawn took him everyday. To bad they didn't catch anything

Let's Go D-Backs!!
This summer has been alot of first for us. We took Kellen to his first baseball game. Even though the D-backs lost we had fun and were suprised that Kellen lasted till the 8th inning.