Tuesday, April 07, 2009

3 Pounds in a MONTH!!!
I took Blake in for his 6 month check-up on Friday and was suprised when the doctor told me that Blake had gained almost 3 pounds ( 2 onuces shy) since his last appointment. I said 3 pounds in 2 months is pretty good. He said no; not since his last check-up but his last appointment at 5 months when he had his ear infections. I mean I knew he had been getting bigger but not 3 pounds in a month bigger, that is a lot. Let me explain that just before his last appointment I stopped nursing and started fromula. Also, at that appoinment the doctor told me that I should start him on baby food. Let me tell you Blake loves baby food. Which was a releif since he did not like rice cereal or oatmeal. So after 5 1/2 months of having a skinny baby I am getting another chunck. We love hhim so much and I am so glad that he is so happy all of the time, even if he pukes everywhere. Now we just need to work on the sleeping through the night.

Blakes Stats
weight 17lbs. 14 oz.
height 26 1/2 inches

Pics to come

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Kellen has had bad eczema pretty much since the day he was born, he was doomed to have it since both mine and Shawn's families have it. We had had it under control since he was 6 months or so with little out breaks here and there. That is until about a month ago. He had a bad outbreak all over his body, mostly on his legs, and his medicine has not been working. The other day it was itching hism so much and he started to break skin so I decided that we needed to go back to the doctor. The doctor then told me that we need to throw out all his skin vare products and kick it up a notch. No more soap now it is boy cleanser that costs $10.00 a bottle! No more lotion, now it is body cream, body oil, 1 perscription for itching and an antibiotics. I now have a two time a day regimine that Kellen hates and fights me the whole time. Hopefully this works.
Last weekend my parents, Shawn and I took Kellen to one of those carnivals in the parking lot at Superstition Springs Mall. Kellen had a lot of fun, I think it reminded him of Disneyland. Here we are on the Elephant ride.
Shawn and Kellen on the helicopter ride.

The swing ride was Kellen's favorite ride. We rode it more than once and when it was time to leave he kept asking us if he could swing.

A few weekends ago we went bowling with some friends and all our kids. Kellen had a blast! He started off using the ramp but by the end we were trying to get him to bowl granny style.

Here is Shawn helping Kellen bowl like a big boy.