Friday, November 21, 2008

The Victim...

The Criminal...

The Weapon...

Well we made it 7 weeks and 6 days before Blake was on the wrong end of his brothers wrath. Yesterday I was at my parent's house and had just finished feeding Blake when I put him on the ground to clean up spit up. I hear Kellen say something so I turn around to see what he wants and I see Kellen with drums in his hands held above Blake's head. As I am yelling NO Kellen drops the drums on Blake's head. I freak out. Blake turns red and is holding his breath. I rush the 3 feet in between us and pick him up all the while getting mad at Kellen. Kellen freaks out. Blake finally catches his breath and is now hysterically crying. I put Kellen in time out while I calm Blake down and then try to calm Kellen down. I think it took me the same if not longer to calm Kellen down. The whole thing seemed to be in slow motion, it felt like it lasted an hour but probably only lasted 5 minutes. Now I know what I am in for for the rest of my life, boys will be boys.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

8 favorite shows...

1. House
2. Gossip Girl
3. The Hills
4. One Tree Hill
5. Lost
6. Heros
7. Grey's Anatomy
8. Cash Cab

8 things I did yesterday...

1. Go to the grocery store
2. sonic (this is almost a daily thing)
3. make cinnoman rolls
4. finally write thank you cards
5. laundry
6. watch Finding Nemo with Kellen (his new favorite show)
7. went to the bank
8. showered (some days this is my biggest accomplishment)

8 things to look forward to...
1. Thanksgiving
2. The Strangs coming to town
3. Blake's blessing
4. Disneyland (Dec. 5th!!)
5. Christmas ( one of my favorite holidays)
6. a full nights sleep (come on Blake I know you can do it)
7. Shawn's first day of medical school
8. Shawn's last day of medical school

8 favorite restuarants...

1. Oregano's
2. Matta's
3. Olive Garden
4. Chilli's
5. Ned's Krazy Sub
6. Vito's
7. BJ's Brewery
8. PF Changs

8 things on my wish list...

1. Healthy kids
2. to know where we will be living in 9 months
3. am acceptance letter from U of A
4. Happy kids
5. Blake sleeping through the night
6. Kellen to be potty trained (any advice?)
7. a million dollars
8. a better world for my children

8 people I tag...
1. Nicole
2. Christie
3. Jen
4. Amberly
5. Tina
6. Natalie
7. Tiffany
8. Jenny

Sunday, November 02, 2008

So it has taken several months but Kellen can now ride his bike without help. For a long time he couldn't reach the pedals so he would Fred Flintstone it. Now he can start and stop, turn and all that stuff by himself.
Only in Arizona can you lay out in November. Shawn's Dad said it was so nice out that he was going to lay out. As soon as Kellen saw him out there he wanted to lay out too.
For the Ward Trunk or Treat Kellen went as James Bond and man did he love his gun.
I had to dress Blake up but I could not find a newborn costume, they are all 0-9 months and let me tell you that is a big range, so he just got a new onsie with a ghost.

Kellen went as a Chip 'n Dale Dancer (Shawn's choice). I was very reluctant at first but I have to admit it turned out pretty cute and was a big hit.

Getting Ready for Halloween
Shawn and Kellen carved pumpkins on Thursday night. Kellen seemed to get into carving pumpkins, but not as much as Shawn did. Halloween is definitely mu husbands favorite holiday.

Kellen smiling at the camera. This is the only way that he will smile for the camera.

The finished products. Notice mine is not done. After 2 1/2 hours I was done carving pumpkins.

My mom made carmel apples with the boys. What is Halloween without carmel apples?