Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Here are some more wonderful pictures Nicole took of Kellen and Gus playing in the hose and a tub of water.

Okay, so these pictures are from Easter, but I just got them the other day from Shawn's sister. The boys were so cute after the easter egg hunt they all wanted to ride in the wagon. So instead, Kellen, Zane and Gus rode in the wagon and Justin and Chance pushed/pulled. They had so much fun together. Kellen loves playing with his cousin (especially the big boys).

Shawn's sister Nicole was watching Kellen a little bit ago and when I came to pick him up she told me that they had a little photoshoot. I was pretty excited since Nicole is an amazing photographer and I was already thinking of getting Kellen's pictures taken for his 2nd birthday. These are just a few of the pictures, it was hard for me to choose only a few since they all turned out so good. Thanks again Nicole.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Making up for lost time... So i know that I have been a very bad blogger lately and I am sorry. I promise that I am going to try and be better. So to start I am going to blog the last month in the next little bit, starting with Shawn's Graduation. Shawn graduated from ASU in the beginning of May with a degree in Human Nutrition. As some of you may know Shawn is pre-medicine and although he did get into a medical school in West Virginia for the fall we decided to take the year off and try again for next year. We have started the application process again and I will let you know whats going on with that when we find out. Since Shawn took off the year from school he had to get himself back into the work force, something Shawn and I are both trying to adjust to. (I am not used to Shawn not being around during the day to help out) Shawn has a wonderful job as an orthopedic surgeon's intern, it is a year long internship for people like Shawn who are waiting a year to go to graduate school. He has been there for a month and really enjoys what he is doing. This week he took his first set of sutures out! I am so proud of Shawn and everything that he does for us, he is the best husband and father I could ask for and one day he will be the best doctor. Love you babe!
Here is a great shot of Shawn and his parents at graduation.

As you can see Shawn is a ham in front of the camera.

Shawn's sister Nicole took all of these photos and helped us capture the day beautifully. Thanks Nicole for all the wonderful pictures. This is one of my favorite pictures