Saturday, February 23, 2008

So I am so retarded

I was trying to up date my blog and in the midst of it I completely lost all of my links. I still haven't given up on finding them again but until then I need everyone to leave their link for me. Thanks a bunch.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

The other night my family and some family friends went to the temple visitor center to see the Reflections of Christ exhibit. The exhibit is photographs of the life of Christ taken by Mark Mabry. There is also a documentary that you can watch of the making of the pictures. The guy that plays Jesus does an amazing job and makes you feel like the pictures are really pictures of Christ. For any of you who have the opportunity to go and see this go, it is amazing. While we were waiting to go in Kellen discovered the statue of Christ and kept running up to it and looked up and said a few words and ran away. He did this several times and I finally got a picture of him standing there looking up at Christ. The first time I saw him do this my heart melted.

After a while Shawn went up to the statue when Kellen was there and he just started pointing up and telling Shawn something. It was such an amazing site.

Kellen's trip to the Allergist
Here is a picture of Kellen getting his blood pressure and breathing tested.
So we went and saw the allergist laste Friday to get Kellen tested for allergies. After talking to Dr. Wong (whom I loved and highly reccommend) he decided that Kellen is most likely only allergic to nuts. He did a scracth test on Kellen's back of all the nuts and found out that Kellen is only allergic to cashews for now. He said that he could still develop more nut allergies, which would be most likely tree nuts. We need to keep him away from tree nuts till he is 3 but we can give him peanuts and peanut butter. We do need to carry an epinephrine pen with us at all times just in case. All in all the trip to the allergist was a great experience and a big relief to final get some answers.
Our Weekend in D C

Shawn had an interview for a Medical School in West Virginia so I decided to tag along. While we were on that side of the world we spent the weekend in DC. Since I had never been there I was so excited. We did all of the tourist things and saw all of the sites. Here are just a few of our pictures.

Shawn was so bummed that the reflection pool was drained for cleaning at the Washington Mounument. It was still pretty cool seeing it though.