Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our little Blake
Shawn's sister took pictures of Blake when he was a week old. They turned out so great. Thanks Nicole.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I totally jinxed myself!

When I was in the hospital getting ready to have Blake the nurse in pre-op was asking me about my medical history. I proceeded to tell her that I was healthy and that other than my other c-section I had only been in the hospital one other time to get my gallbladder removed. As some of you know I got gallstones a few months after Kellen was born and had to get my gallbladder removed. So after I told her this I said "I wonder what ailment I will get after this baby". Stupid stupid me. When I was in the hospital my back started hurting a little and I didn't think anything of it. I mean those beds aren't that comfortable and I was in it for 3+ days and starting to nurse I thought my back was sore from that. Well I get home and my back still hurts but again I think that it is from nursing. Well a few nights ago my back hurt so much that I couldn't do anything, I mean this hurts more than recovering from my c-section. It even hurt just laying in bed. I knew that I was getting a UTI and had been drinking Cranberry juice to help with that until I went to the doctor on Wed. for my 2 week check-up. So I decided to start taking my oxycodone until I went to the doctor and ask him about my back too. So yesterday I go to the doctor and yes I have a UTI and when I asked him about my back he tells me that I have a kidney infection. So he gives me a high dosage of some medication to get rid of the kidney infection and tells me that I will probably get a really bad yeast infection and since I am nursing Blake will most likely get thrush. Yippee. I just started the medication last night and no relief yet (it is supposed to take a few days) and I am doing everything I can to prevent a yeast infection because I do not want Blake to get thrush. So the moral of this story is that the next time I have a kid I am not going to say anything about what is going to happen next.