Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kellen's new favorite thing to do...walking on Shawn's back. Shawn was laying on the ground and told Kellen to walk on his back, so I helped Kellen up and he wobbly walked on Shawn's back. after that he got the hang of it and proceeded to do this for about a half hour or so.

Shawn was washing the car the other day and Kellen saw water and bubbles and had to be a part of it, so we got him in his swim suit and let him have some fun. The only bad thing is that he wanted to help which was actually not helping. To help distract him we turned on the sprinklers thinking this my work. The only problem was that he has never been in the sprinklers before and he was not sure about it.

Shawn finally walked him into the sprinklers and Kellen runs right out of the sprinkers holding his breath. I don't know if he thought that he was in the pool or what but whenever we got him in the sprinklers he would hold his breath.

My sister Nicole is pregnant with her first child and so we had a baby shower for her. The shower was a pirate theme and so we wanted to have a pirate coconut. The only problem with this is that my sisters, mom and I are not the most artsy, luckily for us my husband Shawn is. We thought that he would just paint a simple face on it but I should have known that Shawn would not just do a simple paint job.
Kellen's first swim of the year!!
We were over at my parents house a few weeks ago and my brother-in-law Jason decided to go swimming after he finished some work that he was doing over there. While he was swimming we decided to put our feet in the spa, this was not enough for Kellen so Jason took him swimming. Kellen had so much fun even though the pool was like 71 degrees.

Kellen would jump in and out of the spa when he would get to cold.

So some of you know that Shawn and I try to tell our families that we are having a baby in a fun way. With this baby we decided to let Kellen "tell" everyone. Shawn had this shirt made up and we had Kellen wear it to Sunday dinner at the Costley's and then over to the Mecham's. I think the back of the shirt is my favorite.