Thursday, January 17, 2008

It has been a crazy week for us. Friday night we were at Shawn's parents house and Kellen tripped and cut his lip open. It bled for a while and we thought that we might need to take him in to get stiches. It finally stopped and so we just let him play with his cousins that were in town. The next day it came open again but only for a few minutes. Then on Sunday we were at Shawn's parents house and Shawn and his dad gave Kellen a cashew. Let me preface this, we thought that Kellen might be allergic to cashews already. So he ate the cashew around 8pm on Sunday night. When we left the Mecham's Kellen was fine and we put him to bed around 9pm. Monday I go into get Kellen up to get ready before I have to go to work and Kellen is swollen from head to toe. I gave him benadryl. After a while the swelling went down a little and since I had to go to work and it was Shawn's first day of school I took Kellen to my mom's house. While at work I talk to the doctor's office and they start talking about epinephrine pins and I start freaking out. So I get to my mom's house around noon and the swelling has gone down a ton. That is when this picture was taken. You can tell that Kellen's ears are totally swollen. By the end of the day the Pediatrician decided that before he proscribed epinephrine he wants Kellen to go to see an allergist. So after three days of benadryl Kellen's swelling and rashes are gone and he seems to be back to normal.
Our trip to Hawaii

So we have been home for about 2 weeks now and I am finally putting pictures up, sorry everyone. Here we are at the temple. This temple is so pretty.
Here is Shawn and his dad, Del, at the Polyensian Cultural Center. They just got their cool new tattooes from Fiji.
What is a trip to Hawaii without a drink in a pineapple? Here we are at the Luau at the Cultural Center.
So one day we went on a hike to the Manoa Falls. Of course the day we go is the day that it rains the most. Shawn's parents brought an umbrella for the hike.

Here we are at the top of falls.

Here is a cool blow hole that we went to. The water came up so high.
We went hiking at Diamond Head but by the time we got there we had just over an hour to climb up and back. Vicki and I went about 3/4ths of the way up and Shawn and Del went to the whole way. Needless to say they did not let us forget that we didn't make it all the way up the entire week. Way to go boys!!
The top of Diamond head, or so I hear.

Shawn and I at Pearl Harbor. This was my favorite place of the trip. In the back you can see The USS Arizona Memorial and the Battleship Missouri. All in all the trip was a blast and I can't wait to go back one day.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fun in the Snow

Before Christmas (yes this is really late) we went up to the snow for the day so that Nicole and Jason could cut down a Christmas tree. Since it had snowed that week we decided to take the kids up so they could play. Here is Kellen trying to walk in the snow. He never did get the hang of it so I ended up carrying him most of the time.
Here are my nephews, Merrick and Parker, playing in the snow. They had so much fun up there.

Me and Kellen
Playing in the rain

It was raining one day when we were at Shawn's parents house. Kellen wanted to play outside so bad so I decided to let him play in the rain. He had so much fun splashing around I almost didn't want to have him come inside but he was soaked.

Shawn's latest Project

Shawn built a home entertainment center for our
friends. He not only set-up the entertainment system but he also built the built-in. As if I didn't know that my husband was talented but watching him build this from scratch was more than I expected. He made all the moldings and doors. In these pictures there is one shelf missing on the right side in the cubby hole. There is also a door that covers the sub woofer that slides into the cubby hole. In this picture the door is inside the cubby.