Thursday, September 06, 2007


What is a trip to Texas without a good old fashioned Rodeo? The rodeo was a lot of fun and man was I glad that it was airconditioned.

Here is Vicki (Shawn's mom), Shawn and me at the rodeo.

Here is Vicki, Shawn (looking hard @**), Tina (Shawn's sister in-law), and Del (Shawn's brother).

Well we knew that Kellen loved swings but now he has discovered a big boy swing and did not want to get off. I know you can't see but I am just to Kellen's right waiting to catch him, I was sure he was going to fall off. He didn't.

Kellen and Trey (Shawn's nephew) playing together. These two
are not even two months apart and they sure did have fun.
Kellen has discovered Airplanes!!!

So we went to Dallas for the weekend to visit Shawn's brother and his family. When we flew out on Thursday night we were at the airport for quite some time since our plane was delayed. While waiting Kellen discovered a new love, airplanes. I don't know if it was the actual airplanes or the giant windows but he loved looking at the planes.

Kellen eating his chicken nuggets. Man he sure does love chicken nuggets.

On the way back Kellen had fun with the neck pillow.