Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So my sister-in-law tagged me and now you all get to find out how boring I really am.

4 Jobs I have had
1. selling swim suits at Synch or Swim
2. receptionist at Big O Tires
3. a signer for a title company
4. 6th grade teacher

4 Movies I could watch over and over
1. Win a Date with Tad Hamilton (cheesy, I know)
2. Accepted
3. Wedding Planner
4. The Bourne Movies

4 Favorite Movies
1. Win a Date with Tad Hamilton
2. The Bourne Movies
3. The Holiday
4. Da Vinci Code

4 Places I've Lived
1. Mesa, AZ (Mom and Dad Costley)
2. Mesa, AZ (apartment with friends)
3. Mesa, AZ (Mine and Shawn's apartment)
4. Gilbert, AZ (Our House)
I told you I was boring

4 Favorite TV Shows
1. The Hills
2. Regis and Kelly
3. Grey's Anatomy
4. Anything Trivia

4 Favorite Places I have visited
1. San Diego, CA
2. New York, New York
3. Boston, MA
4. China

4 Favorite Foods
1. Buffalo Wings
2. Mexican
3. Chinese
4. A good steak

4 Websites I visit daily
1. yahoo
2. gap ( mainly gapkids)
3. blogs
4. oldnavy

4 favorite books
1. The Giver
2. anything from James Patterson
3. The Children of Promise Series
4. Brown Bear, Brown Bear

4 favorite Hobbies
1. reading
2. playing with Kellen
3. decorating anything ( or imagining how I would decorate)
4. shopping

4 People I Tag
1. Nicole Austin
2. Jen Nikolaus
3. Crystal Caldwell
4. Natalie Sandall

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Nicole and Jason are Married!!!

So my sister Nicole got married July 26th. It was so much fun being there and seeing her so happy. We all got dressed up, including Kellen. He looked so adorable in his bright pink tie.

Here are all the Costley girls with Jason.

After pictures were done Kellen made a run for it.

Our Anniversary
I can not believe it but Shawn and I are going to be celebrating our 4th anniverary on Tuesday August 7th. Shawn and I both can't believe that it has only been 4 years. I can't imagine not being married. I am so lucky that I get to spend everyday with my best friend.