Monday, January 22, 2007

Family Pictures

After Christmas Colette and Shawn's entire families were in town. We took pictures with both families, here are some of the pictures from Colette's family. I will post some of Shawn's family when we get them. Here is a pictuer of all the girls in my family.

Ainsley, Ethan, Merrick, Parker and Kellen. Doesn't it look like Kellen is having so much fun?

His majesty looking adorable as usual.

The whole Costley gang.

Another adorable picture of his royal highness.

Here is our wonderful family.

Okay Okay I know that it has been a while since I posted and I am sorry. Here are a few pictures of Kellen. I will put more on soon, I promise. Here is Kellen and his proud daddy.

Kellen and Shawn just hangin out. Being upside down seems to be one of Kellens favorite things to do.

Here is the family. As usual the boys are ganging up on mom.

Kellen sleeping in Shawn's arms, taking pictures sure did make Kellen tired. Look at Kellen's long eyelashes.