Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ok so Kellen's birthday is on Tuesday. I can not believe that he is already 1, this year has flown by so fast. I took him to get his pictures taken.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Our little Hunchback

Shawn put Kellen's football under his shirt and Kellen thought it was great fun. He played like this for about a half hour. Shawn and I could not stop laughing which made Kellen laugh and we all had a good old time.


Shawn and I met some friends at Rawhide the other night. We had a lot of fun except when we went to the gun show and the kids got scared from the shots. I know what you are thinking, why did we even go to the gun show. Well while we were walking around there was a gun fight in the street right in front of us and the kids seemed fine so we thought they would do good at the show. We were wrong. Here is Kellen the bandit.

Kellen thought this was so funny. I don't know if he thought the cut out was funny or if it was the reaction of everyone else.

Our friends daughter Tacey.
Kellen has discovered spray bottles... doing his hair will never be the same.

Kellen looking adorable in Marc's hat.

Just kickin' back reading a book.

Kellen has discovered the joy of opening presents, or maybe just the joy of wrapping paper at his cousins birthday party. His birthday should be fun.

Wedding Planning

Ok so my sister Nicole is getting married and I went with her wedding dress shopping. All of us girls had fun but Kellen got pretty bored. That is until he discovered this step surrounded by mirrors. He thought that this was the best thing in the world. I can't figure out if he thought there were a bunch of little boys there or if he just likes to look at himself. Either way it was entertaining in between dresses.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kellen reading his favorite book.

Kellen playing a little catch with Shawn before Shawn heads off to school.

Kellen walking around the family room. He spends hours doing this a day. He just goes around and around in circles.

Kellen playing around at Grandma and Grandpa Mecham's house.

Kellen loves going on the swing.


So the Mecham girls decided to do a girls weekend the last weekend of April. We went to Dallas, Texas where Shawn's brother Del and his family live. All the girls went and we had a blast.

While we were in Dallas we went to see Wicked. Shawn's cousin's wife, Michelle, played Galinda and was fantastic. Michelle was able to get us great tickets and we all had so much fun. Here we all are after the show.

Jeff (Shawn's cousin) and Michelle, aren't they gorgeous?

Vicki and Trey hangin out on the porch before dinner on Sunday.

Nicole, Holly, Jen, Vicki and Trey enjoying the wonderful weather on the patio

Me and Jen

Just before dinner on Sunday Marlee found a snake in the backyard and it did not seem to be happy about being found.
Hut Hut Hike! Kellen playing around with Daddy. It is all about football for this kid.

Kellen practicing stand with Shawn.

Here is our adorable Kellen!!!

Kellen has discovered the stairs and has fast become a wiz at going up them. Going down is another story. In short he can't.

Kellen and his cheese ball smile. Every time he hears the camera he turns and gives me his semi toothless grin.

Kellen loves to look through his legs, we don't know where he learned it but he has a blast doing it. Shawn thinks he might be practinig to be a center in the NFL someday.

Kellen with his movie that he inherited after destroying it on the tile.
Here is my cute neice Ainsley. Isn't she so adorable. My sister and her kids came into town and we had so much fun hangin out.

Parker and Ethan playing with their marshmallow shooters, those things are deadly.

All of the kids helping Kellen with his walker. Kellen sure did love having all his cousins on the Costley side together.

Shawn's Birthday

I lnow this is a couple months late, but better late than never. Here is Kellen, Shawn and Vicki (Shawn's Mom). We went shopping for Shawn's Birthday and Kellen loved looking at the water fountain.

My sister Christie and her kids came into town the same weekend as Shawn's Birthday and so the whole family went out to dinner.

Here is Shawn with his Birthday cake.

Of course there has to be a picture with Kellen and Daddy on Daddy's Birthday. Kellen sure does love the camera.