Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More Easter

Kellen and Colette looking for eggs.

After the egg hunt the family goofed around in the backyard. Here is Marc throwing Merrick around.

Kellen and aunt Stephanie

Kellen and aunt Nicole hangin out in the windy backyard

Kellen and Grandpa Costley

Kellen and Marc

Kellen gazing up at Grandma Costley. He really wanted to just be picked up.

Kellen and Grandpa Costley crying together.

Kellen's 1st Easter

Kellen had so much fun on his first Easter. We went to Colette's parents house and hung out with the family. Shawn's mom also came to the Costley's house, his dad was out of town, so we had a lot of fun.

Kellen loved the Easter eggs and his football basket. He is getting good at "finding" Easter eggs since this is his third Easter egg hunt this year. We had an Easter egg hunt with the Mechams and with some friends the days before Easter. Sorry no pictures since Colette did not bring her camera for either one, I am trying to be better.

Kellen having fun with Grandma Mecham

More fun with the eggs.