Friday, August 11, 2006

The Blessing

On July 23rd Shawn had the opportunity to bless Kellen. We decided to have a private blessing so that both sets of grandparents would be there. It was a great weekend for us. Colette's sister Christie and her family came into town from California and her grandmother and two aunts (Nancy and Janet) came from Utah for the blessing. Shawn's family was also in attendence, but we missed the Proctors and the Texas Mechams. After the blessing we had a wonderful lunch at Colette's parents house (Would you expect anything less then wonderful from Bonnie?) Here are some pictures from that day.

Kellen already to go on his big day. He slept through the entire blessing.

The Costley family

The proud parents with their adorable little boy.

Great Grandma Costley with Kellen. Grams has never missed a blessing, baptism, graduation or wedding and was not going to stop now, even if it was 105 outside.

The Mecham family

Isn't Kellen so adorable in his tuxedo.